Huguenot 20x30 Clay Plain Tile

Combining economy with fine clays. This innovative tile combines the larger economical size of 200 x 300mm with a discreetly shouldered cross camber and unique anti-capillary channels.

20x30 Clay Plain Tile

Available in seven attractive colours, the 20×30 offers installation cost savings over traditional premium concrete or clay plain tiles without compromising aesthetics. RDUK European manufacturing partners Edilians fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304; the European Standard for clay tiles & fittings & are manufactured under a Quality Management system certified to comply with ISO 9001.

Technical data

Quantity per pallet:
660 tiles

43.5 tiles per m2

Batten gauge:
115mm roof

Overall length:

Overall width:

Cover width:

Minimum head lap at 115mm gauge:

Weight per tile:

Weight per m2 at 100mm gauge:

Minimum roof pitch: 
30.0° *

Batten coverage m2:

Batten sizes:
38x25mm for rafter centres up to 600mm

Tile nail:
38/40 x 2.65mm aluminium clout head

 * As tested at BRE. 
The minimum pitch of 300 is not suitable for a sprocket detail. 
For rafter lengths in excess of 6 metres please contact our Technical Department for guidance.
Alezane, Paysage and Gabarre Colours are pre mixed blends.



Textured Surface
The surface of each tile has been created to reproduce an effect of natural embedded weathering.

Variable Hanging Length
An irregularity that is indispensable for the renovation of old roofs and homes of character. Two different lengths with 10mm variation to reproduce the effect of old reclaim or handmade tiles.

Resistance and Quality
The 20×30 is the only truly pressed tile available in the UK market in this unique economical size. Its exceptional transverse strength and durability is emphasised with a supporting 30-year comprehensive guarantee and complies with BS1304:2005 and the usual ISO9001 quality assurance standards.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect for new build and renovation
  • Discreetly shouldered cross-camber
  • Unique anti-capillary channels
  • Low pitch (30°) suitability
  • Compatible with Edilians PVt Modules
  • Natural Product (Silicone Free)
  • 30 Year Guarantee



Burnt Red







20x30 Clay Plain Tile Brochure.pdf Edillians Product Brochure.pdf

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Huguenot 20x30 Clay Plain Tile

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