Ste Foy 17x27 Clay Plain Tile

The plain Ste Foy tiles have been produced at Sainte Foy l'Argentiere, in the heart of the Rhone valley, for over a hundred years.

Ste Foy Clay Plain Tile

Universal & technological with established appealing qualities. RDUK European manufacturing partners Edilians fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304; the European Standard for clay tiles & fittings & are manufactured under a Quality Management system certified to comply with ISO 9001.

Technical data

Quantity per pallet:
720 tiles

Coverage per m²:
From 59 to 65

Nominal gauge:
From 90mm to 100mm

Overall length:

Overall width:

Working width:

Broken bonded

Unit weight in Kg:

DTU Implementation:

Ste Foy l’Argentière Reference 501

Linear metres of battens per m² of roof:
From 10 ml to 11.11 ml


A hundred years of experience, using clays of the highest quality, give the products a level of finesse, that is quite exceptional, and technical qualities, particularly in terms of resistance to frost, bending and permeability. channels ensure enhanced performance at roof pitches at 35° and above.

The variety of colours in the Ste Foy range offers a great richness of materials and shades. You can mix them as you wish so as to emphasise a particular look, or indeed create an effect of your own.


  • New Millésime range with irregular hanging lengths
  • Plain tiles best seller
  • Unique colour tones
  • High-quality clays
  • Easy to implement
  • Natural Product (Silicone Free)
  • Pre-mixed blend options
  • Free Technical Support


All tiles, fittings & accessories should be installed in accordance with the recommendations given in BS5534: the British Standard Code of practice for slating & tiling. Sitework should be carried out in accordance with BS 8000-6: the British Standard for workmanship on building sites. Contact RDUK for technical support including estimates and fixing specification.


Rouge Enta




Rouge Nuance

Terre De Beauce


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Ste Foy 17x27 Clay Plain Tile

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