Beauvoise 20 Clay Interlocking Plain Tile

The Beauvoise Huguenot takes its strength from the clays of the Beauvais region from which it is made. Made for more than 20 years at St Germer de Fly, the Beauvoise Huguenot is one of the most popular interlocking small format tiles in France.

Beauvoise 20 Clay Interlocking PlainTile
The Beauvoise 20 is a modern style-plain clay tile, its finesse, format and design offer good looks that are well suited to buildings both new and old. Its pure lines, its straight, fine front edge and its reduced thickness bring an unrivalled perfect plain tile look.

Manufacturing Standards
Edilians tiles fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304; the European Standard for clay tiles & fittings & are manufactured under a Quality Management system certified to comply with ISO 9001.

Technical data

Quantity per pallet:
480 tiles

Coverage at 245mm gauge:
20.5 tiles per m2

Batten gauge*:

Overall length:

Overall width:

Cover width:


Weight per tile:

Weight per m2 at maximum gauge:

Minimum roof pitch:

Batten coverage m2:

Batten sizes:
38 x 25mm for rafter
centres up to 450mm

50 x 25mm for rafter
centres up to 600mm

Tile nail:
50 x 3.35mm aluminium clout head
*Always check each batch of tiles delivered to site to determine the actual gauge, which may vary slightly due to drying and firing shrinkage during the manufacturing process


A small, elegant interlocking clay plain tile with an attractive thin leading edge, the BEAUVOISE 20 provides a cost-effective solution as an alternative to double lapped plain tiles. The BEAUVOISE 20 is an innovative modern roof tile and has proved to be a natural choice for new-build and renovation projects. With maintenance-free dry fix ridge, hip and verge options, the BEAUVOISE 20 is available in four distinctive and appealing colours.

  • Reinforced waterproofing
    Refined profile
    Thin leading edge like traditional plain tiles
    Wide range of accessories
    Variable gauge
     A low 22.5° roof pitch



Burnt Red

Terre De Beauce

Vallee De Chevreuse



Edilians Beauvoise 20 Brochure.pdf Edillians Product Brochure.pdf

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Beauvoise 20 Clay Interlocking Plain Tile

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