Panne H2 Interlocking Clay Pantile

The Panne H2 Huguenot has long had its heartland in the North-East. Its curves have a look of canal tiles, but the quality of its finish puts it in a different league.

Panne H2  Interlocking Clay Pantile
The Edilians PANNE H2 is a clay interlocking pantile produced at Pargny Sur Saulx in the Champagne region of France. This model, as with all produced by Edilians Roof Tiles, bears the hallmark of distinction of a world leader supported by technological excellence at all its 13 manufacturing locations.

Manufacturing Standards
Edilians tiles fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304; the European Standard for clay tiles & fittings & are manufactured under a Quality Management system certified to comply with ISO 9001.

Technical data

Quantity per pallet:
288 tiles

Coverage 360mm gauge:
14.0 tiles per m2

Batten gauge*:

Overall length:

Overall width:

Cover width:


Weight per tile:

Weight per m2 at maximum gauge:

Minimum roof pitch:

Batten coverage per m2:

Batten sizes:
38 x 25mm for rafter centres up to 450mm
50 x 25 mm for rafter centres up to 600mm

Tile nail:
50 x 3.35mm aluminium clout head

*Always check each batch of tiles delivered to site to determine the actual gauge, which may vary slightly due to drying and firing shrinkage during the manufacturing process


The PANNE H2 is a technically advanced traditional clay pantile that combines a beautiful, smooth surface with stunning good looks and outstanding performance on roof pitches as low as 17.5°. A change of colour gives the Panne H2 a quite different look. A natural red or rustic red can give a traditional look to renovation work. Alternatively, it can take on an avant-garde look in gloss black on a modern house. 

  • Attractive modular size
    Extensive range of colours
    Ideal for renovation and new build
    30-year durability guarantee
    Compatible with EDILIANS PV Modules
    Guaranteed down to 17.5° roof pitch.


All tiles, ļ¬ttings & accessories should be installed in accordance with the recommendations given in BS 5534: the British Standard Code of practice for slating & tiling. Sitework should be carried out in accordance with BS 8000-6: the British Standard for workmanship on building sites. Contact Edilians Technical Support


Natural Red

Rustic Red


Burnt Red


Gloss Black



Edilians Panne H2 Brochure.pdf Edillians Product Brochure.pdf

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Panne H2 Interlocking Clay Pantile

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