Heritage Clayhall Range

With Heritage Clayhall Blends, a truly individual statement can be made by mixing colours to create a totally bespoke roof.

Blended shades add that extra element of uniqueness, so imaginative designs and concepts can be incorporated to provide something that is an individual to your project. For those that like pre blended product, we can supply these too with our Hamlet Mix and Birchwood Mix product offerings.

If you seek to make a bespoke statement, Heritage Clayhall blends can be made by mixing colours to create a unique roof.

Technical data

Minimum Roof Pitch:
Roof: 35° / Vertical: 75° 

Headlap (Minimum): 
Roof: 65mm / Vertical: 38mm

Batten spacing at maximum gauge:

Roof: 100mm / Vertical: 114mm 

Size of tile:
Roof: 265 x 165mm / Vertical: 265 x 165mm

Covering Capacity:
Roof: 60 per m2 / Vertical: 53 per m2

Cover width:
Roof: 165mm / Vertical: 165mm

Weight as laid:
Roof: 66kg per m2 / Vertical: 58kg per m2

Battens per M2:
Roof: 10m / Vertical 8.7m

Batten Size:
Roof: 38 x 25mm / Vertical: 38 x 25mm

Recommended nail type:
Roof: 40 x 2.65mm Alloy clout / Vertical: 40 x 2.65mm Alloy clout

Please note all tiles and slates should be fixed in accordance with manufacturers' requirements and BS 5534.


Carefully crafted to replicate all the features of handmade the Clayhall hand-crafted range of tiles offers an excellent alternative when budget restrictions are a concern, but without compromising quality or durability.

Manufactured using traditional skills coupled with modern kiln technology, the Heritage Tile range is second to none, offering old-world character and charm, yet able to meet modern, contemporary requirements.

A wide colour choice, including innovative shades and bespoke styles, allows the architect, specifier or homeowner complete versatility to create a stunning design that will enhance any project.

  • Choice of 5 stunning colours
  • Create your unique roof tile
  • Large range of fittings
  • Minimum roof pitch - 35° Roof and 75° Vertical
  • Hand-crafted characteristics
  • 50-year guarantee


  • Tiles laid to be drawn from a minimum of 3 separate pallets to ensure the best effect
  • Tiles are delivered on non-returnable shroud-wrapped pallets
  • Pallets on site should be on firm, dry and level ground, no more than 2 pallets high
  • Due to limitations of the print process, colours should be selected from actual samples


Clayhall Birchwood Mix

Clayhall Dark Blend

Clayhall Hamlet Mix

Clayhall Medium Blend

Clayhall Red Blend


Clayhall Birchwood Data Card.pdf Clayhall Dark Blend Data Card.pdf Clayhall Hamlet Mix Data Card.pdf Clayhall Medium Blend Data Card.pdf Clayhall Red Blend Data Card.pdf

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