Exmoor Duo Concrete Smooth Flat Tile

This large format tile features a traditional flat profile design with a sleek smooth appearance. A major benefit of the RDUK tileworks concrete tile is that it can be used on roof pitches as low as 17.5° although a 100mm headlap is required.

Covering Capacity - 9.8 tiles/m2
RDUK Exmoor Duo Tile is a modern yet characteristic concrete tile. The clean lines and variety of stylish colours provide a minimalistic finish whilst allowing you to get a unique finish on your roof. At the same time, these tiles are recognised for their incredible durability having undergone tough testing and been made with proven manufacturing techniques.

Technical data

420mm x 334mm
Minimum Pitch:
100mm headlap - 17.5° 75mm headlap - 22.5°
Cover Width:
Weight of Tiling:
75mm headlap - 45kg/m2 - 100mm headlap - 49kg/m2
Batten Size:
50 x 25mm (rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c)
Tiles per Band:
Minimum Headlap:
75mm (normal exposure)
Maximum Gauge:
Covering Capacity:
75mm headlap - 9.7 tiles/m² - 100mm headlap - 10.5 tiles/m²
Nail Size:
40mm x 3.35mm - Aluminium Alloy
Tiles per Pallet:
Weight of Pallet:
Full Load
24 Pallets

Tileworks Apex Ridge (see below)

Size: 457mm x 250mm
Weight: 5kg
Maximum Roof Pitch: 45°
Ridge Tiles per Pallet: 140

Please note all tiles and slates should be fixed
in accordance with manufacturers' requirements and BS 5534.




These flat concrete tiles are laid broken bonded, made easy with their interlocking edge. The tile size is 420mm in length and 334mm in width with hassle-free installation, which is a great advantage and beneficial for the total cost per square metre.

These tiles are ideal for new construction or renovation projects. To compliment the tiles why not see our Apex Ridge Tile available in all colours to match perfect with your roof. RDUK tileworks concrete tiles have a coloured core, as a result of which small damages or saw cuts will barely catch the eye. 

  • Excellent price-quality ratio (they are significantly cheaper than clay roof tiles)
  • Roof pitches as low as 17.5°
  • Easy to install
  • Flat concrete tiles are very suited for modern architecture
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Resistance to cracks and bending
  • Great choice of tile and ridge colours
  • Small ecological footprint (raw materials are plenty available with little energy required for the production








Riven Slate Textured Surface


RDUK - Tileworks Brochure Data Card.pdf

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Exmoor Duo Concrete Smooth Flat Tile

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