Gaelic Viana 50x25 Vega

Natural Slate Tile with a non-carbonated slate of tectonic compression with smooth formats. All our products are independently tested for compliance to BS EN 12326

Viana 50x25 Vega
Gaelic Pizarras was incorporated in 2015 to focus the resources and production of the three established producers in the Galicia region of north-west Spain.

Technical data

Slate Tile:
Non-carbonated slate of tectonic compression, smooth formats.

Dimensional Tolerances:
Individual thickness and variation in relation to normal: 5mm +35%. 

Deviation from declared length and width:

Deviation from straightness of edges:

Deviation from squareness:

Transverse: 40.9 N/mm²
Longitdudinal: 39.2 N/mm²

Water absoption: 0.33% Class A1
Freeze-thaw Resistance: not required
Thermal Cycle: T1
Exposure S02: S1
Non-Carbonate carbon content: 0.3% (< 2%)
Carbonate content: 0.2% Complies


Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) have a strong working relationship with Gaelic Pizarras which have been built through mutual respect and trust over many years. Gaelic is a substantial company within the industry producing a comprehensive range of products for those who require a reliable and substantial supply of high-quality natural slate. We co-ordinate our production to customers' requirements to ensure continuity of supply and quality.

All our products are independently tested for compliance to BS EN 12326.
These Slates is fully compliant with European standard BS EN 12326-1, achieving the highest rating A1, T1 and S1. 

Release of dangerous substances:
None in conditions of use as roofing or external cladding

External Fire Performance:
Complies Class A Roof

Reaction to fire:
Complies Class A1

Suitable use:
DAPc Complies (ISO14025)

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Gaelic Viana 50x25 Vega

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