Cupa H8

Non-carbonated slate formed by tectonic compression. Dark grey slate with a riven surface. Split to an average thickness of 5 mm, 6.5 mm, 7.5 mm and 9 mm.

Cupa H8
It’s characterized by its high quality and only admitting slight differences in the flatness and thickness of the piece. These are slate pieces chosen by expert installers who are capable of fitting the product to make a homogenous roof.

Technical data

Water absorption 0.16% Code:
W1 (< 0,4%) 

Contents of carbonate non-carbonated:
0.23% Fulfill (< 1,5%)

Mor characteristic Longitudinal:
55 MPA

SO2 exposure test:

Thermal cycle test:

Freeze-thaw test:
Fulfil < 0.6%

5-6. 5-7. 5-9.


Why use natural slate?
Discover the reasons why natural slate is the best material for roofing and cladding.

A lifespan of more than 100 years with no colour alteration.

Our process is 100% natural with no chemical or artificial products, the slate is cut by hand by our skilled splitters.

Fire-resistant, waterproof and resistant to ice and extreme weather conditions.

Quarry Valdacal. Pusmazán (Orense) Spain. Operating since 1971.

25.000 tm/year

Sizes (Cm)
Size range available from 20x15 to 60x45

Squared, Rectangular, Bullnose, Spitzort, Spitzwinkel, 90º Sawn, Irregular, Half Moon (see the slide show formats below) 

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Cupa H8

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