G10 Flat Double Interlocking Clay Tile

These tiles are superbly engineered and designed for a quick, easy and secure installation and are ideal for use with low-pitch roofs (minimum 10°). The G10 can also be used for vertical cladding on walls and facades.

With a covering capacity of only 10 tiles per square metre, this allows the G10 Flat Clay Roofing Tile to be installed very economically. The G10 is an ideal tile for low-pitch roofs and can even be used as a cost-effective alternative to vertical cladding systems. Like all RDUK tiles, the G10 flat clay roofing tile is available in a range of colours and finishes together with a wide range of fittings. For more info download the brochure/data card.

Technical data



384 mm to 404mm.

Covering Width:

250 mm ± 1.0 mm.

Minimum low roof pitch:

Number of tiles per m2:

Weight per tile:
4.6 kg.

Weight per m2 (min.):
45.54 kg.

Battens required per m2 (min):

Batten size (mm):
0 x 25




• High-quality flat clay roofing tiles
• Ideal for low-pitch roof
• Minimum roof pitch 10º
• Long-term durability
• Eco friendly
• Low maintenance
• Economical
• Wide range of colours & fittings
• Only 10 tiles per m2
• Fast, easy & secure installation
Manufactured to comply with the requirements of EN1304 
European Standard for Clay Roof Tiles

A wide choice of fittings including:

• Air ventilation tile
• Left-hand verge tile
• Half tile (handed)
• Tapered ridge tile (2.6 per m2)

G10 is ideal for Low-Pitch

As the G10 is the perfect flat tile for low-pitch roofs, we recommend that these fixing practices are followed:
Low roof pitches 17˚-10˚

  1. Use appropriate air and vapour permeable underlay, which does not require secondary roof ventilation.
  2. Lay the roof underlay to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  3. Lay G10 tiles broken bond.
  4. Headlap minimum 100mm.
  5. Maximum rafter length 6m.
  6. All tiles are to be clipped with purpose-made tile clips, reference 409/215.
  7. Left Hand Verge tiles are to be fixed with a 45mm tile fixing screw with a neoprene washer, also fix verge clips if mortar bedding the verge.
  8. Roof perimeters including around roof windows must be securely fixed to BS 5534.

All areas around the roof perimeter and abutments must be properly finished as well as any areas around any ‘velux type’ windows. (These are the areas where potential problems will likely occur on a low roof pitch.)

G10 S PV Solar System
The RDUK integrated (SPV) solar tile modules are installed at the same time as the roof ensuring complete synergy between the roof tile and solar panel.
The Aesthetic Energy System The seamless solar roof tiles are both a roof covering and electricity generating solution and are virtually invisible with subtle attractive looks.

Features Include:
• Modules interlock with the G10 roof tile
• Delivered as a ready-to-install unit
• Hanging nib and side interlock for swift, easy and secure laying
• Only 3 screws per module
• 20mm variable cover length
• Ca. 5.3m² roof area per kWp
• Product Guarantee: 10 years
Performance guarantee:
• 10 years 90 % of rated performance
• 25 years 80 % of rated performance


Red Brown

Slate Grey

Matt Black

Solar Tile


RDUK G10 Data Card Brochure.pdf

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G10 Flat Double Interlocking Clay Tile

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