Ardonit Slate Smooth

The smooth Ardonit slates have a smooth surface with straight and or bevelled corners. This gives the slate a sleek look for both modern and rural homes.

Ardonit Smooth
The smooth Ardonit slate is perfect for both roof and facade applications and or a combination of both. The various available formats make it possible to use a range of different installation methods. In addition, the slates are extremely light yet exceptionally strong, making them easy to work with. The coated Ardonit slate has a double coloured and environmentally friendly acrylic coating.

Technical data


Available Colours:
Blue-black, Premium black

Available Sizes (mm):
600 x 300 x 100.
600 x 600.

Quality Standard:

Weight (kg per m² laid) *:
20.13 kg 

Gross Weight (kg/pallet):
1650 kg

Number Per Pallet:
1080 pieces 

Head lap:

Batten Gauge*mm:

Batten (m per m²) *:

 *These are data for roof pitches with moderate exposure (< 56,5 l/m² per spell - rafter length ≤ 9 m): standard roof pitch 25°. For the following roof pitches please contact SVK for the execution details:
 (< 56,5 l/m² per spell - rafter length ≤ 9 m): standard roof pitch 22,5° . (< 56,5 l/m² per spell - rafter length ≤ 6 m): standard roof pitch 25° 


1. Modern look & feel
Ardonit smooth fibre cement slates have a smooth surface and straight corners. This gives these slates a thoroughly modern look, making them suitable for all types of buildings. In addition, the slates are available in various colours that can also be nicely combined within the same project.

2. Dimensionally consistent & quick installation
Ardonit smooth slates from SVK are dimensionally consistent in length, width and thickness. They do not require any prior sorting on the thickness and can be installed straight away. This means huge time and cost savings.

3. Exceptional strength
Ardonit smooth slates are made from only the best fibres. This means that our slates have exceptional strength and are breakage-resistant. As a result, our slates are still TOP quality in extreme weather conditions!

4. Quality
SVK only uses the best raw materials to manufacture Ardonit slates. Thanks to the specially selected, high-quality fibres and thorough pressing, Ardonit roof and facade slates from SVK are significantly stronger than the European standard (EN 492), which explains their remarkably high durability.

5. Guarantee
The warranty statement can be obtained by simple request at Roofing Distribution UK Ltd


Premium Black: 60/60

Premium Black: 60/30/10

Blue-Black: 60/60

Blue-Black: 60/30/10


SVK Ardonit Brochure.pdf SVK Slates Brochure.pdf Appendix Low Pitch Roofs System Horizontal Double Lap Slating System Vertical Double Lap Slating

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Ardonit Slate Smooth

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