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Welcome to Roofing Distribution UK Ltd

We would like to notify you that on 1st April 2024 McCann Roofing Products Limited will be changing its name to Roofing Distribution UK Limited (RDUK).

Established in 1993 with over 30 years operational experience as specialist importers and distributors of roof tiles, we decided it was time to give McCann Roofing Products a new image whilst retaining the expertise and high service levels that have always been associated with our company.

In conjunction with the change of name, we are extending our product range to ensure we can meet all your requirements and budgets with a blend of traditional and innovative roof tiles.

We are also planning to relocate the business and will provide further details once we have secured new premises.

If you would more information please contact the Sales Team on 01375 397 140.

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Our Products

Clay Roof Tiles

Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) are one of the region’s leading suppliers of clay roof tiles and are available to our customers in various, profiles, sizes, colours and are produced from the highest quality natural clay.

Our experienced sales team are happy to offer expert roofing knowledge, guidance and recommendations on your product selection. Whatever your roofing project, we are confident that our customers will be pleased with the extensive choice. Builders, project managers, developers, specifiers and homeowners can discover long-lasting, weatherproof, and aesthetically pleasing clay roof tiles that bring excellent protection and appeal to any building.

View our Clay Roof Tiles
Clay Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles

Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) is delighted to now supply high quality micro concrete roof tiles. The new concrete range is available in 4 different profiles which include: Planum, Planum Duo, Double Pantile and Double Roman. Their popularity is not simply due to their quality and “pore-free” edges, but also the variety of colours available when choosing a concrete roof tile.

Whether looking to replace your existing roof tiles or in search of a beautiful option for a new build, our range is certain to offer you the perfect solution, with each tile carefully crafted to match various building types and environments plus providing brilliant durability and longevity. They are the preferred choice for the discerning specifier, with use on a considerable amount of properties across the UK.

View our Concrete Roof Tiles
Concrete Roof Tiles

Fibre Cement Slate

Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) is delighted to offer fibre cement slate as an alternative to natural slate. Here we have a choice of two natural-looking slates, all with the technical benefits of fibre cement. When it comes to Fibre cement Slate, leave nothing to chance and choose to cover your roof with the strongest and most stylish slates available.

Our SVK slates are available in two finishes, smooth with square or dressed edges, textured with square or dressed edges, and in 2 colours, Blue-black and Welsh blue. These slates require no preliminary grading before fixing, making them less expensive to use than traditional natural slate.

View our Fibre Cement Slate
Fibre Cement Slate

Natural Slate

Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) is one of the area’s leading suppliers of Natural Slate Roof Tiles. We stock a quality range of natural roofing slate tiles which are sourced from some of the finest quarries around the globe. We use our years of experience to ensure that the quality of the natural slate tiles exceeds the expectations of our customers, both in the actual characteristics of the product and in the competitiveness of the prices which we can offer.

Natural roofing materials are favoured by many homeowners and contractors due to their versatility, reliability, and appearance. That’s why natural slate tiles have been used on roofs across the world for centuries.

View our Natural Slate
Natural Slate

Solar Energy Roof Tiles

Roofing Distribution UK (RDUK) Planum and integrated solar tiles are engineered to fit quickly and easily with your roof tiles, giving an almost seamless and attractive finish to your completed roof. The PV solar tiles fit seamlessly with the Roofing Distribution UK Planum micro concrete flat interlocking tiles. They fit in perfectly with the rooflines, so the solar tiles blend very well with the roof tiles and appear virtually invisible.

The solar tiles have high efficiency. The solar tiles generate up to 4000 kWh of electricity per year, that is as much as 15 standard solar panels of 1 x 1.7 metres. The sample roof surface for this comparison is the same in both scenarios, 25m2.

View our Solar Energy Roof Tiles
Solar Energy Roof Tiles

Sustainable Roof Tiles

Green Sustainable Products Company (GSPC) are UK manufacturers of the award-winning Envirotile Lightweight Roof Tile System. Envirotile is a revolutionary, lightweight, interlocking roof tile system.  Its technical design helps promote better working conditions for roofers by minimising risk and conforming to the Health & Safety at Work Policy.  

Being only 20% of the weight of a concrete tile, Envirotile reduces carrying load weights and the unique polymer material (made from 75% recycled product) means there’s no dust during cutting.  Envirotiles also assist with improved foot grip whilst traversing the covered tiled roof - and are virtually indestructible.


View our Sustainable Roof Tiles
Sustainable Roof Tiles